Make Canna Oil using Mason Jar Method – low smell

February 11, 2018

Ingredients: -1 oz ground herb -2 cups olive oil Instructions: -set oven to 240°f -decarboxylate herb in oven for 25 minutes -place decarbed cannabis in cheesecloth and tie it in a pouch and place it in a mason jar -pour oil into mason jar and close the lid -fill a pot with water and place the mason jar in it -bring water to a boil and continue double boiling for 3 hours *note: periodically check water levels to make sure water is not too low – add more water where necessary -remove cheesecloth from mason jar and wring out all the delicious canna oil -Enjoy!!! Check out the rest of our channel for recipes using Canna Oil ——————————- SUBSCRIBE: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: